Classical Painting Lessons

classical painting course

Lesson duration: 3 hours
Minimum Age: 17

Language: English
You need: cell phone, internet connection and painting materials

Our Classical Painting course is not recorded, each lesson is a live session. This way our students can interact in real time with our teacher and receive orientation while painting. Each student receives individual attention and exclusive orientation based on their current level of ability: we teach beginners, art students and professional painters.

Students will paint reproductions of famous works from eminent Italian and Dutch painters of the baroque period, such as Frans Hals, Anthony Van Dyck, Peter Paul Rubens, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and others. Our program is specially designed for learning the methods used by the Old Masters starting from simple black and white exercises and gradually moving onto more difficult studies in color with a complex palette.

“Technique comes
before style”

Our motto

Students will set up their cell phones or computer with a camera on their studios/homes and will receive instructions on how to paint the reference, provided by us, in a step by step fashion. A second phone or computer might be helpful so the student can use it exclusively see the reference, while the first phone is pointed at the working area. If you need help setting up your work space and getting everything working properly, let us know, we can help you!


Before developing your own style you need a solid understanding of the basics. Learning the Old Master´s techniques is the safest way to achieve a deep understanding of the basics and get skilled fast. Our studio became well known for teaching Old Masters´ techniques using reproductions as the main teaching tool. Our students´ works are proof that our teaching method works.

Through his research at universities, always based on science and extensive analisys of scientific articles, exploring the works of the Masters, our teacher makes use of a complex understanding of their techniques on an chemical and physical level. This knowledge makes it possible to teach techniques that were truly used on the antiquity, using a systematic and safe methodology. That´s what makes our course different: our interest and respect for historical accuracy of the Old Masters methods.

what you´re gonna learn

The content of our course was planned with a large number of exercises based on reproductions with different levels of difficulty, in a gradual way. Learn to paint standing on the shoulders of giants. Here´s what you´re gonna learn:

  • Color theory
  • Mixing strategies
  • Brush and tools handling
  • Paint and Pigment Composition and Properties
  • Vehicles and Mediums Properties
  • Direct Painting Methods (Alla Prima – wet on wet)
  • Indirect Painting Methods (layers and glazing – wet on dry)
  • Methods used by Italian and Dutch Masters
  • Preparation of different grounds: Imprimatura
  • Using Velatura and Sfregazzo´s application
  • Use of different types of underpaintings
  • How to safely use Materials in order to achieve Permanence


Make sure you let us know you will not be attending classes at least 24 hours before. If you dont, we cannot find another student in a timely fashion to replace your space on the virtual room. That is why there is no refund in this case.


Marcio Alessandri is an Italian-Brazilian artist who received a Doctor degree in Fine Arts from the University of Campinas – UNICAMP and also a Masters in Fine Arts from the same institution. His main area of research is historical painting techniques and technology of art materials. He is also an official technical instructor certified in London by Winsor & Newton. He runs, together with his wife Luciana Guilarducci, the Cozinha da Pintura art school since 2012.

students´ work






PER LESSON (3 hours)
  • American Dollars
PER LESSON (3 hours)
  • Euros


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